Cyber Security Acronyms

Cyber Security Acronyms

A list of acronyms and abbreviations that pertain to cyber security, INFOSEC, cyber security standards, laws, and the applicable agencies.


Cyber Security Acronyms and Their Meaning

AAA – Access Approval Authority

AAA – Army Audit Agency

ABCS – Army Battle Command System

ACA – Access Control Authority

ACES – Automated Continuing Evaluation System

ACSI – Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (Army)

ADP – Automated Data Processing

ADPSO – Automated Data Processing Security Officer

ADPSSO – Automated Data Processing System Security Officer

ADR – Adjudicative Desk Reference

ADS – Automated Data System

AF – Air Force

AFB – Air Force Base

AFCAF – Air Force Central Adjudication Facility

AFI – Air Force Instruction

AFMAN – Air Force Manual

AFOSF – Air Force Office of Security Forces

AFOSI – Air Force Office of Special Investigations

AFOSP – Air Force Office of Security Police

AFPC – Air Force Personnel Center

AFPD – Air Force Policy Directive

AFR – Air Force Regulation

AFSCO – Air Force Security Clearance Office

AG/SCM – Advisory Group/Security Countermeasures

AGS – Architectural Graphic Standards

AIA – Air Intelligence Agency

AIA – Army Intelligence Agency

AIS – Automated Information Systems

AISS – Automated Information Systems Security

AISSP – Automated Information Systems Secuirty Plan’

ANACI – Access National Agency Check with Written Inquiries

AO – Area of Operations

AOA – Analysis of Alternatives

AOA – Area of Application

AQ-SAP – Acquisition Special Access Program

BAA – Business Associate Agreement

BINAS – Biosafety Information Network Advisory System

BIOS – Basic Input-Output System

BIPN – Background Investigation plus Current National Agency Check

BIS – Bureau of Industry and Security

BISS – Base and Installation Security System

BMS – Balanced Magnetic Switch

CAN – Computer Network Attack

CAO – Contract Administration Office

CAP – Controlled Access Program

CAPCO – Controlled Access Program Coordination Office

CBI – Confidential Business Information

CBIPM – Confidential Business Information Protective Measure

CDR – Critical Design Review

CD-R – Compact Disk-Read

CD-ROM – Compact-Disk, Read-Only Memory

CDSE – Center for Development of Security Excellence

CE – Compromising Emanations

CI – Counterintelligence

CI – Critical Information

CIA – Central Intelligence Agency

CIAR – Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting

CIFA – Counterintelligence Field Activity

CIIA – Critical Infrastructure Information Act

CIK – Crypto-Ignition Key

CIO – Chief Information Officer

CIPA – Classified Information Procedures Act

CIRT – Computer Incident Response Team

CIS – Cryptologic Information System

CISARA – Counterintelligence, Security Countermeasures, and Related Activities

CISO – Counterintelligence Support Officer

CISP – Counterintelligence Support Plan

CISSM – Component Information System Security Manager

CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CKTS – Computerized Key Telephone System

CLAS – Classified By

CM – Classification Management

CM – Configuration Management

CM – Countermeasure

CMB – Configuration Management Board

CMI – Classified Military Information

CMIWG – Classification Markings and Implementation Working Group

CNA – Computer Network Attack

CNE – Computer Network Exploitation

CNSI – Classified National Security Information

CNSS – Committee on National Security Systems

CO – Cyberspace Operations

COMINT – Communications Intelligence

CPSO – Command Program Security Officer

CPSO – Contractor Program Security Officer

CPU – Central Processing Unit

CPWG – Crime-Prevention Working Group

CRG – Compliance Review Group

CRYPTO – Cryptography

CS& – Office of Cybersecurity and Communications

CSA – Cognizant Security Agency

CSA – Cognizant Security Authority

CSCS – Contract Security Classification Specification

CSE – Center for Security Evaluation

CSEA – Cyber Security Enhancement Act

CSIL – Critical and Sensitive Information List

CSISM – Communications Security (COMSEC) Supplement to the Industrial Security Manual

CSO – Cognizant Security Office

CSS – Central Security Service

CSS – Constant Surveillance Service

CSSM – Communications-Computer System Security Manager

CST – Construction Surveillance Technician

CT – Counter Terrorism

CTC – Counterterrorist Center

CTS – Computerized Telephone System



CTTA – Certified Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard (TEMPEST) Technical Authority

CW – Code Word

CW – Cyber Warfare

DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DCC – Defensive Counter-Cyber

DCFL – Defense Computer Forensics Lab

DCHC – Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center

DCI SSC – Director of Central Intelligence Special Security Center

DCL – Declassify

DCS – Defense Clandestine Service

DCSINT – Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence Army

DD – Defense Department

DDA – Designated Disclosure Authority

DDAL – Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter

DDEP – Defense Data Exchange Program

DECL – Declassify

DHS – Department of Homeland Security

DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency

DIAC – Defense Intelligence Analysis Center

DIACAP – Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process

DIAM – Defense Intelligence Agency Manual

DIC – Defense Intelligence Community

DICOB – Defense Industrial Security Clearance Oversight Board

DIDO – Designated Intelligence Disclosure Official

DII – Defense Information Infrastructure

DIRNSA – Director, National Security Agency

DIS – Defense Investigative Service

DISA – Defense Information Systems Agency

DISN – Defense Information Systems Network

DISP – Department of Defense (DoD) Industrial Security Program

DITSCAP – Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process

DMDC – Defense Manpower Data Center

DMF – Data Management Facility

DMNS – Data Management Notification System

DMS – Data Management System

DMS – Defense Messaging System

DNI – Director of National Intelligence

DNI – Director of Naval Intelligence

DoDIIS – Department of Defense Intelligence Information System

DoDIS – Department of Defense Information System

DOS – Denial of Service

DOS – Disk Operating System

DRAM – Dynamic Random-Access Memory

DRB – Defense Resources Board

DRMO – Defense Reutilization Management Office

DS – Direct Support

DSA – Designated Security Authority

DSB – Defensive Security Brief

DSCA – Defense Security Cooperation Agency

DSEC – Director of Security

DSMC – Defense Systems Management College

DSN – Defense Switched Network

DSS – Defense Security Service

DSSCS – Defense Special Security Communication System

DSS-PIC – DSS Personnel Investigations Center

DSSS – Defense Special Security System

DT& – Development Test and Evaluation

DTIC – Defense Technical Information Center

DTM – Data-Transmission Media

DTSA – Defense Technology Security Administration

DVD – Digital Video Disk

EA – Electronic Attack

EPITS – Essential Program Information, Technologies and Systems

EPROM – Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EPSQ – Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire

ES – Electronic Surveillance

ESS – Electronic Security System

ET – Electronic Transmission

ETZ – Equipment Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard (TEMPEST) Zone

EW – Electronic Warfare

EWS – Electronic Warfare Support

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FBIS – Foreign Broadcast Information Service

FCIP – Foreign Counterintelligence Program

FCL – Facility Security Clearance

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency Only Memory

FI – Foreign Intelligence

FIDS – Facility Intrusion Detection System

FIE – Foreign Intelligence Entity

FIS – Foreign Intelligence Services

FISA – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

FISD – Federal Investigative Services Division

FISINT – Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence

FISMA – Federal Information Security Management Act

FIT – Foreign Inspection Team

FIU – Field Investigative Unit

FM – Frequency-Modulated

FN – Foreign National

FOIA – Freedom of Information Act

FOIA/PA – Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act

FRAM – Ferroelectric Random-Access Memory

FRD – Formerly Restricted Data

FTZ – Facilities Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard (TEMPEST) Zone

G2 – Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 Intelligence

G-2 – Staff Intelligence Officer

GDIP – General Defense Intelligence Programs

GEOINT – Geospatial Intelligence

GHz – Gigahertz

GIG – Global Information Grid

GII – Global Information Infrastructure

GSC – Government Security Committee

GSOIA – General Security of Information Agreement

GSOMIA – General Security of Military Information Agreement

HDMI – High-Definition Multimedia Interface

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

HOIS – Hostile Intelligence Services

HPSCI – House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

HSA – Homeland Security Act

HUMINT – Human Intelligence

Hz – Hertz

IA – Information Assurance

IA – Intelligence Activity

IAA – Interim Access Authorization

IACSE – Interagency Advisory Committee on Security Equipment

ICD – Intelligence Community Directive

ICP – Initial Control Point

ID – Identification

IDC – International Data Center

IDE – Intrusion Detection Equipment

IDS – Intrusion Detection System

IEID – International Exchange of Infrasound Data

IERD – International Exchange of Radionuclide Data

IESD – International Exchange of Seismological Data

IOSS – Interagency Operations Security (OPSEC) Support Staff

IP – Internet Protocol

IPB – Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

IPSAC – Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel

IR – Infrared

IRM – Information Resource Management

IS – Information System

ISA – International Security Agreement

ISCOM – Naval Investigative Service Command

ISD – Information Storage Device

ISD – Inspectable Space Determination

ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network

ISFD – Industrial Security Facilities Database

ISOO – Information Security Oversight Office

ISPG – Intelligence Programs Support Group

ISRP – Information Systems Requirements Package

ISS – Information Systems Security

ISS – Inspection Support Staff

ISS – Integrated Safeguards Subgroup

ISSE – Information System Security Engineer

ISSM – Information Systems Security Manager

ISSO – Information Systems Security Officer

ISSP – Information Systems Security Professional

ISSR – Information Systems Security Representative

ISWG – Industrial Security Working Group

IT – Information Technology

ITAB – Information Technology Acquisition Board

ITAC – Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center

J2 – Intelligence Directorate, Joint Command

JCITA – Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy

JCS – Joint Chiefs of Staff

JMIC – Joint Military Intelligence College

JMIP – Joint Military Intelligence Programs

JMITC – Joint Military Intelligence Training Center

JPAS – Joint Personnel Adjudication System

JROC – Joint Requirements Oversight Council

JSAIWG – Joint Sensitive Compartmented
Information (SCI) Accreditation/Inspection Working Group

J-SIIDS – Joint Services Interior Intrusion Detection System

JWICS – Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System

kHz – Kilohertz

LAA – Limited Access Authorization

LAC – Local Agency Check

LAN – Local Area Network

LBI – Limited Background Investigation

LBIP – Limited Background Investigation plus Current National Agency Check

LBIX – Limited Background Investigation Expanded

LE – Law Enforcement

LEA – Law Enforcement Agency

LFC – Local Files Check

LIMDIS – Limited Dissemination

LIMDIS – Limited Distribution

LN – Local Network

MASINT – Measurement and Signature Intelligence

MI – Military Intelligence

NACIC – National Counterintelligence Center

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) SECRET ATOMAL

NCCIC – National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center

NCIC – National Crime Information Center

NCRAL – National Cyber Risk Alert Level

NCS – National Communications System

NCS – National Cryptologic School

NCSC – National Computer Security Center

NCSD – National Cyber Security Division

Net – Network

NETMGR – Network Manager

NetOps – Network Operations

NFIB – National Foreign Intelligence Board

NFIP – National Foreign Intelligence Program

NGA – National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NGIC – National Ground Intelligence Center

NII – National Information Infrastructure

NIPRNET – Non-Secure/Unclassified Internet Protocol Router Network

NIS – Network Information System

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) SECRET

NSA/CSS – National Security Agency/Central Security Service

NSC – National Security Council

NSI – National Security Information

OCO – Offensive Cyberspace Operations

ODCI – Office of the Director of Central Intelligence

ODNI – Office of the Director of National Intelligence

OIS – Office Information System

PDS – Practice Dangerous to Security

PDS – Protected Distribution System

PDS – Public Domain Software

PED – Portable Electronic Device

PEM – Program Element Monitor

PHOTINT – Photographic Intelligence

PI – Police Intelligence

PI – Preliminary Inquiry

PID – Personnel Identification Data

PII – Personally Identifiable Information

PROM – Programmable Read-Only Memory

PROPIN – Proprietary Information

PS – Physical Security

RAM – Random-Access Memory

RD – Restricted Data

RF – Radio Frequency

RFI – Radio Frequency Interference

RFI – Representative of a Foreign Interest

RFID – Radio-Frequency Identification

RII – Relevant Information and Intelligence

ROM – Read-Only Memory


S&T – Science and Technology

S2 – Intelligence Officer, U.S. Army

SA – System Administrator

SACS – Security Access Control Systems

SAES – Security Awareness and Education

SAR – Special Access Required

SCE – Service Cryptologic Element

SCG – Security Classification Guide

SCI – Sensitive Compartmented Information

SCIF – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SII – Suitability/Security Investigation Index

SIO – Senior Intelligence Officer

SISR – Signals Intelligence Security Regulation

SRTM – Security Requirements Traceability Matrix

SSDC – Space and Strategic Defense Command

SSE – System Security Engineering

SSEM – System Security Engineering

SSII – Suitability/Security Investigations Index

SSLSecure Socket Layer

SSM – Site Security Manager

SSM – System Security Manager

SSMP – System Security Management Plan

TIARA – Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities

TID – Tamper Indicating Device

TIMS – Treaty Information Management System

TISS – Telecommunications and Automated Information Systems Security

TMO – Technology Management Office

U – Unclassified

UAA – Uncontrolled Access Area

UCNI – Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information

UD – Unauthorized Disclosure

USACIDU – United States Army Criminal Investigation Command

USAF – United States Air Force

USSAN – United States Security Authority/North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

USSID – United States Signals Intelligence Directive

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