Digital Forensics and Forensics Analyst

Digital Forensics and Forensics Analyst

Digital Forensics and Forensics Analysi – Cyber Security Job Description

The Digital Forensics and Forensics Analysists respond to cyber attacks. Digital Forensics Analysts are employed by the public and private sector but may also be independent contractors. They are needed in all industries and are expected to stay abreast of the latest hacking, web, and computer network technologies.

They are responsible for analyzing the details behind a cyber security attack. Digital Analysts uncover the tactics used in a cyber attack. They also work to discover the information stolen, ransomed, and who is involved when possible. Although certain digital forensic specialist may be called into to head of hackers, the IT forensics specialist generally works on an attack after it has begun and past when it has ended. The candidate must understand computer crimes, digital evidence, and technological investigations. They must also be competent in dealing with firewalls, networks, databases, and mobile devices.

Digital Forensics Investigators are responsible for:

  • Investigating data breach incidents
  • Tracking intellectual cyber property theft
  • Defending hacked systems
  • Resetting stolen passwords
  • Reverse engineering of malware runs on Windows systems

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Computer Systems Management, or electrical engineering with a minor in Digital Forensics
  • An understanding of Network Technologies
  • Knowledge of current hardware and software technologies
  • Problem solving skills
  • Basic knowledge of the laws of search and seizure
  • Understanding of civil and criminal laws pertaining to computers and the seizure of computer evidence