Network Security Engineer

Network Security Engineer Job Description

The Network Security Engineer job is one of many cyber security related jobs. The average salary in the New York metro area is $132,173. The Network Security Engineer (NSE) works on IT security projects to expand and their company’s security position. The NSE works on network security monitoring, threat intelligence, and network protection. They design, augment, maintain, and monitor network security in multiple computing environments. The Network Security Engineer is responsible for architecture, design, documentation, and operations of network transport topologies, network hardware, security, and VoIP systems. Information Security capability like security monitoring, threat intelligence, network security, data.

A Network Security Engineer usually has a bachelor’s degree in computer science or other computer related field. However, much a Network Security Engineer knowledge may be self-taught or learned through work experience, conferences, and other post-graduate education. The NSE has hands-on experience with all phases of firewall and network operations, firewall change requests, firewall configuration, network services, and network security. A Network Security Engineer is also involved in planning, deployment, and management of network security devices.

Other Duties of the Network Security Engineer Are:

  • Configure network security infrastructure
  • Configure networks, firewalls and remote access via Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Maintaining local and wide area networks and a network service
  • Troubleshoot complex networks and security infrastructure