How to Destroy a Metal Credit Card – Axe Versus Metal Credit Card

Destroy Credit Card Axe-Credit Card

How to Destroy a Metal Credit Card – Axe Versus Metal Credit Card –

How to Destroy a Metal Credit Card for hard destruction. This video shows an old Metal Credit Car destroyed (Eventually) with a wood handled axe. Credit card vs axe is filmed a Canon Camera. No drone this time.

Destroying a metal credit card may sound easy, but this credit card is really tough to chop. We had to make sure the numbers we not legible and make sure the chip was destroyed too. The most secure credit cards use PIN and Chip technology. This credit card is super durable and really resisted destruction from the axe.

Even if you have destroyed your credit card, the chip might still be recoverable, especially by a hacker or data recovery expert. When we destroy any credit card, we actually want to eliminate the data on the magnetic strip and on the chip – plus make the numbers and security code impossible to read.

You can see in the video that the credit card bends and bounces but is damn near impossible to chop in half, even with a long-handled axe. Destroying the physical credit card is important so your credit card information cannot be stolen and used by someone else online or cloned onto another card.

Water has no effect on credit card destruction of the physical card or the chip.

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