Is Firefox Web Browsing Private?

Is Firefox Browsing Private?

I’ve been using the Mozilla Firefox web browser for years. Firefox has always been one of the true developer’s browsers. It’s where i turn when i really need to test a website or other web functions.

A major feature, or more accurately missing feature of Firefox is its lack of association with internet giant Google and its parent company Alphabet. Google and its free web services are globally popular but they come at a price. It’s no secret that Google tracks its users and then monetizes it by using it for itself and sells it to advertisers. Google’s popular browser chrome, tracks your web browsing activity, including websites you look at and purchases you make. Have you ever used Chrome to book a hotel reservation and then noticed a reminder in Chrome search results page? Well that’s because Google tracked your purchase from the consideration phase to the commitment. Google also tracks your smartphone’s location, your usage on Google Maps, and your viewing preferences on its video sharing platform, and search engine,

Firefox is a good alternative to Chrome is you want to preserve your right to privacy. Mozilla just released a faster, less memory hogging version of Firefox – one of its more extensive and best updates yet. But are you safe from tracking? Well, I thought so, but it is worth paying a visit to your Firefox privacy setting to ensure all is well.
Location-Aware Browsing is always opt-in in Firefox. No location information is ever sent without your permission. At no time is the name or location of the website you are visiting, or are any cookies, ever shared with Google Location Services.

How do I turn off Firefox Browser Location Data?

If you wish to disable the feature completely, please follow this set of steps:

    In the URL bar, type about:config
  • Type geo.enabled
  • Double click on the geo.enabled preference
  • Location-Aware Browsing is now disabled

How do I revoke Firefox permission granted to a website?

  • Navigate to the site to which you’ve given permission
  • Go to the Tools menu, then select Page Info
  • Select the Permissions tab
  • Change the setting for Share Location
  • About Google Chrome Browser

    Google Chrome is a freeware web browser first released in 2008 and developed by Google IT was originally for Microsoft Windows but was later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. As of Q2 2017 Chrome has a 63% worldwide usage share of the desktop web browser market as a desktop browser and 50% share on smartphones

    About Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox (or simply Firefox) is a free and open-source[18] web browser for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Firefox was created in 2002. As of September 2017, Firefox has between 5.96% and 13.6% of worldwide usage as a “desktop” browser, making it the second most popular web browse

    After tolerating a slow and bloated Chrome for too long, I’m finally using Firefox as my full-time browser. I imported all my passwords, bookmarks, and history from chrome. It took a bit of learning, but i have profiles set up and can open them simultaneously. Get the latest Firefox download here.

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