How to Destroy a Smartphone!

How to Destroy a Smartphone – Smartphone versus Sledge Hammer

NEW! How to Destroy a Smartphone – Smartphone versus Sledge Hammer! Watch a Nokia Lumia Smartphone versus a Smartphone get absolutely destroyed by a sledge hammer. Concerned about your right to privacy? Not sure how to dispose of a smartphone and ensure that your data is not hacked? This video shows one very effective way to destroy a smartphone – by beating it with a sled hammer.

We were careful. The glass it taped so it doesn’t go into the grass. Our hammer guy is wearing protective gear and he’s in a well-ventilated spot – outdoors. No components of the smartphone went into the grass or elsewhere either. We’re safe and environmentally conscious.

It’s total destruction! is a FREE Cyber Security News Service that is seen Worldwide by IT Professionals.

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