Microsoft Acquires Cyber Security Firm Hexadite

Microsoft Acquires Cyber Security Firm Hexadite

Microsoft purchased Hexadite, an Israeli cyber security firm for a $100 million price tag. Hexadite technology uses AI to identify and protect against attacks. Microsoft reportedly plans on including Hexadite to in security solutions for enterprise level Windows 10 users. The technology will work with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP). Other Israeli companies Microsoft acquired include Aorato, Adallom and Secure Islands.

Hexadite’s website claims their technology reduces the amount of time needed to mitigate a cyber security attack by 95%. It integrates with other malware applications, like Kaspersky, and use artificial intelligence (AI) to arrest cyber attacks. Current Hexadite customers include Nuance, Telit and IDT.

Newer cyber security applications like Hexadite use machine learning to handle smaller cyber security threats while logging larger issues that need further investigation. The goal is to free up an organization’s cybersecurity or IT team so that they may focus on maintaining or replacing system rather than deal with day-to-day vulnerabilities.

Last month’s WannaCry ransomware swept European computer in hours. Eventually, it infected over 200,00- machines. WannaCry demanded 300 Bitcoin to return control of an infected computer back to its owner.

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