Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Chinese Edition

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Chinese Edition

The Microsoft Corporation released an edition of Windows 10 for use by the Chinese government. The new special release is called Windows 10 Zhuangongban Edition. This special edition of Windows 10 contains additional management and security controls not found in the non-Chinese version of Windows 10. Zhuangongban means “Specially Provided Edition.”

Microsoft developed the special edition of Windows 10 in conjunction with China Electronics Technology Division. The Chinese government encourages foreign companies to do business with Chinese companies through these joint ventures. In this way, Microsoft is not forced to add backdoors to its apps but removes features instead.

According to ZDNet, the most popular computer operating system for personal computers in the world is Microsoft Windows followed by Mac OS X, and Linux. Windows accounts for 49% while second most popular operating system, iOS, has about 23% of the market.

Microsoft is not revealing many details about Windows 10 Zhuangongban. The only information about the release indicates that this version does not have the same consumer apps and features that come with other versions of Windows 10. This was done to improve the apps manageability and stability, according to Caixin news. It’s also equipped with additional device management and security controls.

Windows downloads are available from the official Microsoft Download Center website. The Download Center includes updates for all supported Microsoft products. This month the WannaCry ransomware virus spread across Europe. WannaCry was developed from hacking tools stolen from the National Security Agency by WikiLeaks. Only machines that were not patched were susceptible to the malware.AN estimated 200, 000 machines were infected by WannaCry.

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