What is xHamster?

What is Porn Site xHamster?

xHamster is an adult video sharing website launched in 2007 in Cyprus. It offers content from established studios but also hosts user created pornography. xHamster also offers and stories and streaming video from paid models. Viewers can support their favorite models by sending them money via credit cards or Bitcoin.

Pornography produced by amateurs accounts for 30% of xHamster’s content. xHamster functions somewhat like other video sharing services where users can upload videos to channels based on categories. The site also produces and hosts its own series, called The Sex Factor.

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xHamster has 10 million users making it the third largest porn website in the world behind number two site Pornhub. The world’s largest porn site, XVideos boasts an incredible 4.4 billion-page views per month. Pornhub nets 1.8 billion-page views per month.

xHamster also considers itself a social network site. Users can maintain profiles.

In contrast, according to HypeStat.com third place xHamster receives 4.2 million visitors per month and 36.5 million-page views per day. xHamster is so active it accounts for an amazing 0.8% of web traffic per day. The bounce rate (users who come to the website and leave right away) for xHamster is only 22%.

Besides amateur porn, xHamster is famous for some of its political activism. In 2017 the State of Utah passed legislation that allowed parents to opt into sex education classes, but the law was considering anti-sexual freedom. To prove their point, xHamster detected and redirected viewers from Utah IP addresses to their sex education series, The Box. IN the previous year, xHamster blocked North Carolina users completely due to the passage of House Bill HB2.

xHamster was one of the early adopters of website security and changed over to HTTPS in 2017. The additional security helps protect users in countries where pornography is illegal. HTTPS is a security layer on the webs server that was formerly only used for ecommerce, banking, and other financial related websites or any website with a user login. The secure certificates encrypt data while it is transmitted back-and-forth to the website including user names, email addresses, and credit card numbers.

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Google had a big push since 2016 for all websites to change to encryption, no matter what type of content they serve. News websites are also encouraged to use HTTPS. https://www.askcybersecurity.com/ is also encrypted.

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